Monday, July 29, 2013

are you authentic?

"are you authentic?"  not only is that an overused question, but one that most of us cannot answer in the affirmative. 

i can recount many situations when I have had to put on a mask and skirt the devastating questions that threatened to destroy me. obviously i was not being authentic.
"only One has lived mask free"

there was One who walked this earth without a mask - never veering from His chosen destiny - only displaying true authenticity.
"lose the mask"

why do we put on a mask?  i would say, we put on a mask so no one will see our pain. we fear that no one could ever love us if they saw us as we truly are.  

there is One who suffered All who sees us as we are - mask free -  and the miracle of it all is that He still loves us.  only He can heal our brokenness and give us freedom from our desire to hide.

yesterday i heard the following stated in a sermon; "through manipulation, abuse, brokenness, and other factors, many of us have traumatized, damaged love receptors. there is healing when we accept God's invitation to a lifelong pursuit of His love."
"silenced and abused"
authenticity and the courage to let go of the mask can only be  gained through accepting God's invitation to a lifelong pursuit of His love.

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