Tuesday, July 30, 2013

do you journal?

i, like so many little girls, kept a journal (diary).  it was white, had a lock and key, and each entry started with, "dear diary".  in it i recorded all my girlish dreams.  

"my story"

long ago i lost my diary, but my love for keeping a journal has never ended.  i keep art journals, regular writing journals, word journals and random journals.  my word journal is a list of new or expressive words and their respective meaning.  my random journal is a hodge-podge of incomplete phrases or thoughts that someday might worm themselves into a song, poem or a book.
today i am sharing a few of my random thoughts drawn from my random journal.  in writing down these random thoughts, there are no conclusions drawn, no great statements of intellect, no memories shared, but hopefully the idea will inspire you to start keeping a journal of your own.
"create new memories, because from the beginning to the end, it's the memories that we weave into our lives that make up the rich tapestry of a life well lived."

"i'm living in an interior world of late - stuck in my own heart and mind.  barely aware of the outside world - somehow feeling that all my surroundings are surreal."

"what is important?  what is existence?"  

"what is happening - what is going on in my mind and heart?"  

"the brightest of lights shines in the darkest of nights."

have a wonderful day - hopefully i have inspired you to start keeping a journal.

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