Tuesday, July 2, 2013

beauty out of chaos

last night i had the privilege of attending a beautiful wedding. the setting and weather were perfect - which for july 1 in texas is nothing short of a miracle.  the music was inspiring and well-executed.  the bride and groom looked stunning and their eyes clearly shone with love for each other.  

for that moment in time, each person attending was transported from the busyness of their chaotic life to a serene setting where all was right in the world.  

well - almost all was right in the world.  in spite of the beauty of the moment, gnats were still out biting and pestering, the keyboard for no apparent reason chose to switch to drums before the bride marched down the aisle and tears of emotion threatened to spill from several eyes including the bride and groom.  
"beauty out of chaos" 
was the beauty of the moment marred in any way?  absolutely not.  

daily we face a certain amount of chaos.  we can't escape every chaotic moment because we live in a fallen world. the tranquil setting can, at the moment you least expect it, be invaded by pestering gnats or worse.  

the Son of God willingly came to a fallen world and suffered chaos from the hands of those who didn't realize who He was.  

out of that terrible time of chaos - beauty was born.  God so loved that He gave - and gave - and still today continues to give.

when i reflect on the wedding last night, do i think about the gnats?  the answer is "no".  in my minds eye, i still see the eyes of the bride and groom filled with tears of love and thankfulness for finding the rare treasure of love.

the moment of chaos becomes immaterial when you realize that beauty is about to be birthed.

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