Saturday, June 29, 2013

breath of God

as a child i suffered with asthma.  in the 1950's and 1960's nothing was known about this ailment, so the solution was to make a trip to the hospital and to be administered adrenaline.  the result of the adrenaline was a heart that was beating hard and fast (which was painful) and on the flip side, the blessed relief to once again be able to draw an unlabored breath.


i still have bouts with asthma - nothing like my childhood experiences - but even as an adult, who understands asthma, i hate the feeling of the sudden appearance of asthma and the labored breathing that accompanies.

day to day living can occasionally catch you off-guard with the sudden appearance of an unknown entity or suffocating problem. 

in an instant, breathing becomes labored and something is needed for relief. where is the relief?  where is the release that can trigger the ability to start breathing again?
God breathes His sweet breath of life into us, even though we are unable to catch our breath ourselves.  He supernaturally gives us the release that will trigger the ability to start breathing deeply again.  

my prayer today and always - "breath of Life - breathe on me"

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