Monday, July 15, 2013

do you ever think something will be easier than it is?

i had the privilege of taking a writing class last week.  if it had been a composition class i might have shown a little more aptitude, however, this class was a hand-writing class.  i, who have never taken any calligraphy, and who also got my worst grade in 5th grade in penmanship decided i would like to learn new writing styles for journaling.  not only did i want to learn a new writing style, but i also have the attitude in life that i will love any new adventure and i am sure i can conquer any new challenge.

this positive attitude,  although wonderful in most situations, did not prove to be quite accurate in this class.  (i also failed at dancing - still thinking maybe i can conquer that one in heaven LOL) i watched the teacher as she patiently taught the class for 2 - eight hour days.  i tried to emulate her beautiful style and found myself greatly lacking. in fact i seemed to go backwards in my handwriting instead of forward. 
"all is calm"

i, of course, plan to practice and discipline myself to improve my handwriting and this class was a great springboard for that.  however i found everything about the discipline challenging and difficult.  
"masked and silent"
sometimes my day resembles my experience in handwriting class.  i wake up ready to face the world and its' problems and find that my fortitude and positive attitude is greatly lacking.  

even though i might lack a positive attitude for the day, the beauty of my life is that i don't walk my journey alone.  i sometimes run into a barrier that sets me back, but it cannot destroy me.  the reason is that everyday i walk hand in hand with the Creator of all and know that all things will work for my good because i love Him and am called according to His purpose.

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