Friday, August 2, 2013

fly away and rest

when i dream, i dream in vivid colors - colors that often hurt my eyes because of their intensity. even my nightmares have color; deep hues of black, gray and red. 

one of my all-time favorite dreams is of unfettered flight. there are dreams of flight in which i have beautiful, gossamer angel wings.  there are other dreams that i have the bright-colored wings of a butterfly.  still in other dreams, i see myself without any wings at all - piercing the skies like a rocket. (no wings at all is my favorite dream)
do you ever wish you could just leave everything behind and fly away? psalm 55:6 says, "oh that i had wings like a dove, then i would fly away and rest." 
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i love a good vacation - i get to fly away and rest.  unfortunately, vacation isn't real life.  what is the answer when we want to fly away and leave it all behind?  

the answer is to hold on to the One who brings real rest.  hope in Him .  He promises that when we are weary and hopeless, he will give us strength and rest.

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