Wednesday, July 31, 2013

what were your childhood dreams?

have you ever stopped your activity for a moment and taken the time to remember your childhood dreams?  have you ever kept any of those dreams alive, actively pursuing them and watching them come to fruition?

i had some pretty fantastic ideas and dreams of what i would do and who i would become when i grew up.  the thing is i did grow up, and unfortunately when i became an adult, i also became practical, wounded, and "realistic".  most of my childhood dreams died in the arms of adulthood.
"be true to yourself"
we are all put on this earth to fulfill a unique and wonderful purpose.  we are all given a specific time and space in history to impact those around us and to make a difference in their lives.  

what moves a dreamer from simply dreaming to doing?  what catapults an individual from being defeated to victorious?
"feeling blue?"
in matthew 19, there is a wonderful recounting of the story of Jesus as He takes time to talk to children.  His disciples, acting as Jesus' bodyguards, tell the children to "scram" and let the parents know that their children are "brats - taking up the Master's time". Jesus contradicts his disciples and teaches a beautiful truth to all those within hearing distance.  the truth is, that we all must become like children to enter into His kingdom. 

hiding deep within each of our hearts is a childhood dream.  now that we are adults and have realistic, grownup views, we don't even dare to speak our dreams out loud.  if someone else heard it they might laugh. (sad but true - we all suffer from peer pressure no matter how old we are)

return to your childhood dreams that the Creator of all instilled in your heart from the moment you were created.  drop your fear and pretenses and once again become child-like; full of hopes and ideals - full of flamed passion and energized creativity - unashamed - unafraid.  

don't let fear paralyze you and keep you from acting on your dreams - it's time for courage and action

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