Monday, August 26, 2013

favorite quotes

 i thought i would share some quotes that have inspired me today.

"a hero
is an ordinary individual
who finds the strength 
to persevere and endure
in spite of overwhelming obstacles."
christopher reeve
"heroes help others"
"forgiveness is unlocking the door to set someone free
and. . . .
realizing you were the prisoner."
max lucado

"unlock the door"
"i'm moving on, what's done is done
another time, another life, another place
sheddin' the old life, startin' brand new
free to feel, free to heal, free to be with You
i know the darkness will have to flee
from a heart that's been filled with pain
by a love that's share, it lights up every single day
You're my mornin' star, my guiding light, my beacon in the night
now that i've found You, we'll never say goodbye."
donna dugone

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