Tuesday, August 6, 2013

what is your prayer today?

sunday my pastor and intern pastor presented a great sermon on "prayer" and what it means to develop an authentic prayer life.   one of the points was; we need to develop a "kingdom of God" focus with our prayers!  
 "take someone flowers"
be thoughtful and cheer up someone's day - after all you have had many thoughtful people in your life

i have been reading through some of my old journals this week - i only have two journals left that haven't been painted over and used for an art journal. yesterday, i took time to read the entries before i started altering the pages.  one of the entries from 2006 was simply my prayer list for that day. 

my prayer list went as follows:
my prayer is that i will- - - -
  • love God with all my heart
  • learn from my mistakes
  • be led by God
  • love others more than i ever have; parents, daughter, granddaughter, siblings, nieces, nephew, friends, strangers
  • be productive
  • be kind
  • be considerate
  • show mercy
  • show more understanding
  • practice forbearance
  • always be grateful
i don't know that i will ever achieve the goal to become the person i prayed i would become in that prayer in 2006.  (that is until i reach Heaven)  what i do know is that i want to pray "Kingdom prayers" and become more Christ-like everyday.

what is your prayer today?
"someone who cares"
show understanding and help someone find their way home

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