Tuesday, September 3, 2013

grow your wings

"when she transformed into a butterfly, 
the caterpillars spoke not of her beauty, 
but of her weirdness. 
they wanted her to change back 
into what she always had been.

but she had wings."  
dean jackson
ink, watercolor and gesso
productive change can be a very painful process.  it can be fraught with danger and at times makes great demands on you (mentally, physically and spiritually), as you struggle to survive the challenge of growing wings.   walking through the chaos of change is challenging and the temptation to give up is great. but, in the end, productive change will benefit you and the ongoing results will be exciting.  

remember on those days when you are still in the midst of the struggle; 

"faith means that you have peace even when you don't have all the answers" be-the-change

grow your wings and fly

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