Wednesday, July 23, 2014

God weeps

there are times when you can't speak - words have escaped you - you are unable to articulate what and how you feel.  for every hurt and broken place in your heart, God weeps. He understands and knows everything about us - - He made us and He loves us.

He gives us sunrises and sunsets so we can reflect on His beauty, His presence, His grace. 

He gives us peace when all around us chaos reigns.  
He gives us rest when we put our trust in Him.  
He gives us courage when we have lost heart.  
He is our north star when we have lost our way. 
He whispers love when we are our most unlovely.  

what a wonderful God i serve and know - - my friend, my counselor, my redeemer - my God.
Sunset over Lake Travis

Sunset over lake Travis

Art Journaling

Art Journaling - published
Louisa May Alcott quote

Art Journaling
"feeling beautiful"

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