Monday, August 25, 2014

run to win

my daughter, suzanne, runs.  she has run and completed many marathons, triathlons and was  training for her second half iron man.  six weeks ago, while on her morning run, her foot started hurting.  she pushed through a couple of miles, but then had to hobble home and rest her swollen, throbbing foot.  the next day, the dr. confirmed what we had feared - she had a broken bone.  it is not a normal broken bone, especially for an athlete - - her bone snapped. 

training has been put on hold, she has been in a boot and on a scooter, is on super vitamins to try to build back her bone, and is counting down the days until she can run again.
running the race of life isn't always easy - we can encounter set-backs, experience disappointments and suffer broken relationships and dreams at different times.  despite any set-backs, we are admonished to "run the race" that has been set before us.
"run to win"
art journaling
 each day i awake (after coffee) with anticipation and excitement of what my day has to offer.  in spite of the difficulties or set-backs that life sometimes dishes out, we have such a great opportunity to make a difference in this world.  
street art

 "let us run with patience the race that is set before us" Hebrews 12:1b
street art
i love the lyric in the song "always will" by Hillsong.

"where i go You will go/You never leave me
when i'm lost there's always hope
in every high in every low/You're standing next to me
in the fire there's always hope

i will lift my eyes/let my heart cry out/You're alive, alive
With an anthem we raise/up our voice proclaim/You're alive, alive

Your love keeps chasing me/and it always will, it always will
Your grace keeps changing me/and it always will, it always will

keep running
Suzanne mile 15 - Austin marathon

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