Tuesday, August 19, 2014

memories and life

sometimes memories escape my eyes and roll down my cheeks

 i admit to being a softie and having a very tender heart.  
sorrow, joy, beauty, nature, music, art, friends, family, love  - - 
i hold each emotion close, experience and savor them - - 
tasting the good and the bad alike
for when i feel each of the emotions - whether pain or joy it means that i am alive

everyday i wake up with such anticipation and excitement for what the day holds 
sometimes i know that the day ahead holds hardship
sometimes i know that the day ahead is laden with joy

but even though i know some of my days are hard -
i am alive
art journaling
"9" published
 i certainly don't have a perfect life
nor do i have a life that is devoid of pain

i have memories - - good and bad
beautiful memories that i tightly hold onto
other memories that are haunting and not beautiful that i wish i could forget
but each of these memories is a part of my journey
and remembering memories means i am alive

do i weep for my brothers and sisters who are being persecuted
am i moved with compassion when i see the pain and the suffering around me
the answer is "yes"

i look for ways to help
i pray
i am alive so i can make a difference

art journaling
"photo-booth fun"
 maybe i feel and experience emotion more deeply than others
but i know that i personally am called to:
always be grateful

and to thank my Maker for the present
of the present
art journaling
"run - fly"

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