Tuesday, August 5, 2014


 since a young age, i have loved composing.  composition and arranging for the piano or a band has been a source of great joy over the years.  writing lyrics, on the other hand, has proven to be an exercise in discipline, or when writer's block is the worst the lyrics have been handed off to the more capable hands of one of my writing partners - most often my brother.

there are, however, many song lyrics that I have written quickly  - - usually because i have been thinking about a subject for awhile.  those who know me, understand that i am constantly writing down my ideas; while waiting in line at the bank, sitting at the gas pump, waiting at at the dr. office - - driving.

i was driving to the bank to make a deposit one day.  it was an unusual weather day for the area in which i live - - gloomy, overcast and gray with a slight mist blanketing everything in a silver sheen.  i had finished chemo-therapy and finally had my hair growing back in.   life was seemingly more normal, but i felt something was missing.  by the time i reached the bank the lyric "free to heal" kept running through my head.  driving home i started singing more lyrics, "free to feel, free to heal, free to be with you."  by the time i arrived home, i called my niece gina to come over and sing the first verse and chorus of the song "free".
ink and acrylic
 "i'm movin' on - what's done is done
another time, another life, another place
shedding the old life - startin' brand new
i'm free to feel, free to heal, free to be with you

i know the darkness will have to flee from a heart that's been filled with pain
by a love that's shared, it lights up every single day
you're my guiding star, my mornin' light, my beacon in the night
now that i've found you, we'll never say good-bye

i'm listenin' for your answer, please don't make me wait
thru' joy and pain i want to walk life's path with you
i've been drownin', on my way down
from bein' all alone, walkin' on my own, your love's my way out

never say - never say - never say goodbye"
"free to heal"
the lyric of the song "free" has a double entendre' that describes the desire that is present in each human heart.  the need for a relationship on earth that gives you the freedom to be yourself and then the deepest longing of the human heart - - that of a close relationship with Jehovah God.

i read a great quote this week that sums up the idea of "free".  

"love is the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person 
because you neither have to weigh your thoughts nor measure your words."

"for God so loved the world that He gave all He had and continues to give all He has"
acrylic and ink on watercolor paper

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