Tuesday, September 9, 2014

feel it with your feeler

my grandfather donahue had several "donahuisms" that he often referred to during his sermons or in general conversation.  one of his favorites was "you feel it with your feeler."  

i am a "feeler" and my feelings are often expressed through art, music composition or sharing in conversation with those with whom i have close relationship.
new heart
acrylic, ink and pen

take me in 
music and lyrics - donna dugone - copyright 2014

take me in to the place of healing/take me in to the place of rest
take me in where i'm forgiven/and the past is buried with my regret

take me in to your place of mercy/show me love like i've never known
fire my soul with Your brand of healing/light me up and make me whole

ties that bind torn apart/fissures so deep that you can't climb out
splintered, broken, brittle with pain/sitting in darkness you take me in

accuser of my soul tries to tell me/i'm no good and i lost again
You look on me with Your eyes of love/tellin' me that i'm free from sin

the father of lies wants to take me down/but i am covered by the blood of the Lamb
crucified, i've died with Him/i'm His child redeemed and now i live

nothin' can separate me from Your love
nothin' can tear me from Your mighty hand
Your love is sweeter than I've ever known
it takes me up to a better place/i'm heaven bound

art journaling
"you will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart" - Jeremiah 29:13

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