Monday, November 3, 2014

heart transplant

 writing for Warrior Bride 2014 from the standpoint of God

I see your heart - fractured, fissured, frail, fragile, broken and cracked.
art journaling
your heart was not broken by me - it was broken by - 
life, circumstances beyond your control, rejection, abuse, lack of love, lack of care, neglect
art journaling
the cracks and fissures that resulted from life got filled in and cemented with - 
feelings of inferiority and insecurity, bitterness

consuming questions that arise from a heart of grief and hurt - 
"will anyone ever love me?"
"am i worthy of love?"

"you are my sunshine"
art journaling

when you surrender to me - the lover of your soul - your bridegroom
your broken heart is held in My gentle, loving, healing hands

as you surrender - you will start to heal.

the surgery will be painful - it will hurt - you are undergoing a spiritual cleansing - a heart transplant - a surgical procedure by the Master Physician that will remove the rejection, abuse, insecurity, bitterness, neglect and the scars inflicted by a life that wasn't fair.

you will have a new heart; tender, beautiful, young, pumping with my life-blood.

You have been given new life in and through me - You are my Warrior Bride

Find yourself in Me and Me alone

"Create in me a new heart - o God."
large painting on vintage paper

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