Saturday, December 27, 2014

enigma #2

purple (true color or one of its variations) is one of my favorite colors to use in art work or as an accent color in decor.  one of my favorite artists/people is Alice Foster.  she and my mom have been best of friends since their first meeting at the pink church on the corner of Holmes and Garfield in Idaho Falls, Idaho. when we moved to Idaho Falls, we left the culture, climate, people and family of our heritage.   the Fosters and Kaisers, along with many other families in the pink church, became our extended family and a safety net for us.  

Alice loved the color purple - i still remember, in detail, her purple velvet coat.  she, more than anyone, inspired my love of the color.
"enigma of love #2"
art journaling
a few years ago, i did half of an art journal in the colors of passion - red and purple.  the colors and the theme evoked what i was feeling at the time - a warring of the soul - as i walked through a maze of emotions.  the spread i did got published, and i remember that i wrote a fluffy article to go along with the pages, but the article did not articulate the place from which the art came.
"Love is"
watercolor paper/ink/acrylic spray paint

i, as a Christ follower, believe that everything in our lives happens for a reason - even though some of those life decisions or circumstances don't seem to make any sense and are incredibly painful.  the walk of faith endues us with courage to understand that any pain - if shared - can result in another's gain and their eventual healing.  
art journal
 love, (the enigma of love) is a beautiful part of life when shared with your best friend and a common love of Jehovah God.  i was talking with Larry Metcalf, my friend who just lost his battle with cancer, a few months ago.  he had come to Believers Church to say good-bye to all of us who loved him.  as he was sharing, he said, if this was God's time to take him he was ready.  after all, he had relationship with God, wonderful friends, a church family and the love of a wonderful woman.  Larry had suffered many disappointments and tragedies in his life, but those sufferings did not matter in the light of the beauty he had lived.

street art
don't dwell on what you don't have - but each day practice gratefulness for the wonderful life you have been given.  disappointments and suffering will occur in all of our lives, but when we know God is in control - "all things work together for our good."

have a wonderful Saturday.

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