Friday, December 26, 2014


the word enigma has several different meanings - one definition is:
a puzzling or inexplicable occurrence or situation
"warrior bride"
acrylic and ink - sold
today, i was contemplating the enigma of love in marriage.  the contemplation of the "enigma of love" began last Fall when we started working on the ladies retreat "warrior bride", and continued in earnest two weeks ago while on vacation.  i went on a vacation with family members, including my parents.  i ended up spending hours with my parents - talking, laughing and and observing their great life/love partnership.  

i'm sure the "enigma of love" will be an ongoing subject of thought for me for the next couple of weeks, as i have started writing some lyrics for some new songs on the subject.  my parents have exemplified the following:
"we stand strong against the world - even when we crash and burn - we know we can pick up the pieces - and be whole again  - "
street art
 through my parents journey of love - they have stood strong because they both have practiced and had unwavering faith in God and His power to see them through any hardship.  my mom and dad shared with me a couple of months ago, that they had just learned another life lesson at 81 and 85.  they shared that they had learned that everything - even the smallest detail in life needs to be covered in prayer.
street art
 the enigma of love

"we stand strong against the world/even when we crash and burn
pieces are scattered/love puts them back together 
we don't lose faith/we don't lose hope
we know when we're together/we are one/we are whole
when i am broken/i need to feel your strength
when i am strong/ i need you even more
melted, molded, fused/no one can break this bond of love"

dd - 2014

"free to heal"
street art

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