Friday, January 2, 2015

how nameless road got its' name - or lack thereof

"art journaling with snow added"
The story of Nameless Road 
by Barbara Dugone

Back in the 1800"s, a thriving little community was nestled in a hollow by Sandy Creek. There was a blacksmith, a dry goods store, a butcher shop, and a school house that served both as a one room school and a church.  

The community wanted a post office, and my great-grandfather Colley was the designated postmaster.  The people came together and chose a name for their community.  My grandfather submitted the name and request for a post office to the United States post office department.  The request was denied as there was already a community in Texas by that name.  Another name was submitted, and the reply was the same.  A third attempt was made with the same results.  By this time, my grandfather was seething.  He wrote back and stated (in his strongest language), "Well, dad-blast-it!  Let it remain Nameless!"  The federal post office complied, and the community of Nameless was born.  

No longer is there a blacksmith or a butcher or a dry goods store, but my great-grandfather Colley's legacy lives on in the form of a road that just happens to be my address - Nameless Road.

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