Friday, January 9, 2015

saying goodbye

goodbyes are hard - tears will fall - relentless grief - loved friend gone - and yet life goes on

i, along with other friends and family, are saying goodbye to a dear friend tomorrow - Larry Metcalf.  we will be reliving the moments of his life and remembering how his life impacted us.  

when i was a bald woman, i decided to wear my head with dignity, and yet when i started losing eyebrows and eyelashes i felt a little less than beautiful and dignified.  When Larry came to church every week, he would rub my bald head and tell me i was beautiful.  he was a man who encouraged others even when he himself was discouraged.  
art journaling from 2010
"feel beautiful"
Larry - you will be missed - but we will meet again.

God of Mercies 
donna dugone-ASCAP1999

God of Mercies/gracious Father
You gave Your Son to rescue me
With great compassion/You sealed my pardon
By Your grace I now am free

Lifting hands up/I will praise You
Seeking only to see your face
I will worship/with all my passion
because of love and amazing grace

When life is over/and I see you
face to face/completely whole
I will sing of/Your great mercy
And Your love that healed my soul

Amazing grace/how sweet the sound
that saved a wretch like me
i once was lost/but now i'm found
'twas blind/but now i see

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