Wednesday, June 20, 2012

another day older - grateful??

"carefully cultivate each day"
life passes quickly

since turning 60, i have been asked by several people how i feel about growing older.  does it bother me?  do i long for youth?  
"storm warnings"
ever had a stormy day without the blessing of cleansing rain?

my thoughts on turning 60: i am so grateful to have survived breast cancer and melanoma and the trials of life and to see the decade of the 60's.

i am so excited to see what this decade holds.

i am excited to see what new and exciting adventures await.

i am excited to watch cassie grow up into a beautiful young lady

the excited and grateful list goes on and on.
"60 at hamilton pool"
hanging out

"bella marie"
puppy love

"my secret garden"
 as you grow another day older what are you grateful for?  what are you excited about?
"one day you are young and then you are old"
examine your attitude - have a great day

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  1. Awesome! Beautiful art and inspiring words. I enjoy reading and looking at your blog each day. God has blessed you with many talents.