Wednesday, June 20, 2012

what's your story?

"this is who i am"
no one is invisible - we all have a story to tell and each story is important

"they had a story - papa and grandma dugone"
their story was of love, tolerance, sacrifice, but most of all theirs was a story of family

every woman, man and child has a story to tell.  some stories are sad, some are happy.  each life story has a little or a lot of the sad, happy, bad or good.  

what is your story?  remember no one is invisible - we all are important.  each of our lives impacts the lives of others.
"the world is in your hands"

the world is in your hands.  opportunities await you at every turn in the road.  you have to be willing to reach for the opportunities and grab hold of everything life has for you.
"spinning wheel"
sometimes our story gets caught in the spokes of a wheel and spins round and round

don't get stuck in an endless circle of "what ifs".  you have one life - don't waste it - use it.  be creative, productive, positive, loving, kind, considerate - live a healthy life.
"drowning in expectations"
don't drown in expectations - soar above and beyond the limits of yours and other people's expectations.  live large.

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