Thursday, June 21, 2012

do you like to blow bubbles?

this week my granddaughter, cassie, was looking at my paintings
"garden of dreams" 2012

she was saying what she liked about the pictures were all the bubbles.  i never thought about drawing bubbles - i just did.  really - truly - i didn't even realize that all the paintings have bubbles - they just do.

bubbles make me happy - bubbles make me smile - bubbles are fun.
"wake me up" 2012

"up or down?" 2012
i love bubbles - i have always loved bubbles - i have pictures of me blowing bubbles as a child, me in the house in the middle of winter blowing bubbles with my toddler, suzanne, and me blowing bubbles with my granddaughter, cassie.

do you love to blow bubbles?  what is your favorite summer past time?  

make memories - go to the corner store for ice cream, flag down the ice cream truck, eat snow cones and try all the flavors, run through the sprinkler, look for fire-flies, swim, picnic, hike, go on an adventure - oh the possibilities are endless.

make a fun summer memory and enjoy
"rain in my window"
seeing even one raindrop is reason to dance - the drought has been long

"do i have to weigh?"

"in my garden"

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