Saturday, June 23, 2012

what do you do when you drive?

"sunset on nameless road"
snapped a few pictures coming home on wednesday night - wish my window had been clean 

i love sunsets - most of which take place when i'm driving home.  here are a few shots taken wednesday night - out my dirty window. location - driving down nameless road.
"nameless sunset reflected in car hood"
"more sunset"

this summer could aptly be named the "year of the cicada".  we have had a crazy plague of crickets and cicadas.  this particular cicada was desperate to leave the ranch and make his way into the city (city slicker cicada).  he held on and rode on my hood from the ranch into town.  i wish i could have taken a close up video - it was hilarious.  made my day.  lol
"cicada that rode on my hood - 15 miles"
60 mph and stayed on the hood

what do you do when you drive besides pay attention to the road and every other driver?
"cicada riding down 183a"

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