Thursday, June 14, 2012

what good are wings if you remain earth-bound?

"bleeding heart" - designed from bleed-through on the previous page

"nesting" - somedays all i want to do is rest in the nest i have made

"chaos" - today everything is out of control 

simple journal day

"be still my heart"

"go joe go" - my dad - 83 - in july
man in perpetual motion since birth

"courage to fly"  out of the cage
there are rules to all art forms - i am most acquainted with music and the theory behind composition and arranging.  all rules are meant to be learned, adhered to, then broken.  art journaling is much the same; practice, learn, then follow your style.

the thing that holds most of us back is fear - fear that we aren't good enough, what will other people think, "i don't really know what i am doing", "i haven't gone to school", the list of excuses ties our wings and makes us miss the joy of flight.  what good are wings if you remain earth-bound?

take a little time today to ask yourself what life and attitude changes you need to make so you can "fly". leave fear behind, spread your wings, soar - try it - you'll like it.

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