Tuesday, September 11, 2012

have you ever been silenced?

each of us has an unbelievable destiny - it was a destiny freely given at the moment of conception.  we were given hands to help, heal and hug.  we were blessed with a beating heart that loves as well as hurts with the grieving and rejoices with the joyful.  at the center of it all we were given free will - a choice - what will you do, where will you go - how will you live your life? 
"the heart of the matter"

in the midst of the national park, craters of the moon, grows the limber pine.  the limber pine exists and flourishes in the harshest environment.  the cones it produces are perfect, strong and beautiful. 
"beauty in the craters"

hard-ship can make or break us.  we choose.  we weep, we cry, but then we live.  life is precious even when it is harsh.  living through the harshest time or the harshest environment, can produce a perfect, strong, beautiful woman or man - one who can walk through their destiny with courage.
9/11 has taught us to rise up from grief and walk strong.


don't allow another to silence you - use your voice - sing loud - sing long - sing with passion - sing strong - sing through life
"in the beginning"

"victory out of despair"
use your voice today to celebrate your tuesday

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