Friday, November 16, 2012

do you ever lose sight?

i can easily lose sight of what is important in life and i readily admit my failing.  between watching the happenings in the political scene, working, being sick for 2 weeks and living daily life, i know i lost sight of what is important.
"so beautiful bride 1"

today is a new day - each of us daily make a decision on what is important in our life and how we are going to live.
"so beautiful bride 2"

today i choose to:
love like i have never loved
forgive (the hardest)
live with expectancy of new and exciting adventures
dream and dream bigger
believe that "dreams do come true"
"so beautiful - green"

today, i choose to:
not lose sight of those things that matter most in life - my relationship with God and others being the top priority.

"so beautiful - aqua"

yes, life happens.  yes, we often lose sight, but each day is a new beginning and a chance to once again set your eyes on the goal that has been placed in your heart.
"so beautiful"

be fearless - be courageous - be strong - be a survivor. walk with courage through those doors marked fear.

you are beautiful - have a wonderful week-end.
"so beautiful"
pictures of art work taken by the talented elisha dugone

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