Saturday, November 17, 2012

what's your favorite form of art?

it is impossible for me to choose my favorite form of art:  drawing, painting, playing an instrument, composing, dancing, cooking, photography, invention, etc. - there is no end to the beauty, wonder and expression of art that daily surrounds us.
"gate beautiful"

art doesn't have to say or mean anything - it can be art for the sake of art. But it is the expression of an idea through the medium of art that can deliver a powerful reason to stop your activity and take time to meditate, contemplate and sometimes change behavior or thought.
i, along with my niece and nephew recently wrote a song entitled, "thru' the gate beautiful".  one of the lyrics states: "reminding me of love, reminding me of grace, reminding me of sacrifice and how You took my place".  
"healing hand"

just writing that lyric took me to a heart-place where i immediately stopped composing and took time to meditate, contemplate and once again enter into ("the gate beautiful") where i was changed.  
"life is short - so take time"

there is no human that has ever arrived to a point in his life where he does not need to grow, learn and change.  

only One came thru time and space to take my place.  

have a wonderful saturday. . . .
"thru' time and space"

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