Saturday, November 17, 2012

what do you love about your city?

i love where i live (austin, texas)- oh true the 100+ summer can get old - but then again fall (more like late summer), winter (more like fall)and spring (glorious in all ways)come and i don't think about the heat again until june.
"city on a hill"

a few of the things (thangs) i love about my city:
  • the best tex-mex in the world
  • beautiful water sports and boating (exception to the rule -  we need rain - 5 years of drought yikes)
  • lake travis
  • town lake
  • the best restaurants in the world (did i mention food as #1?)
  • great music
  • great musicians
  • gorgeous weather 9 months of the year
  • great people - friendly
  • dog-friendly
  • interesting people watching
  • art-centric
  • great art community
  • good football??
"afraid of the dark?"

where do you live? what are some of the thangs you love about your city?
"we wish you a merry Christmas"
my parents raised me with a mantra - "make the best of everything" and that goes for where i live.

make a list of new and unique places in your city and decide to step out of your safe-box and experiment with new places.
  • interesting little restaurants
  • antique - "found" stores
  • bookstores
  • walking trails
  • art shows
  • food trailers
  • national parks
  • local lakes  

have a wonderful adventure discovering the treasures located in your city.
"purple heart"

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