Thursday, August 7, 2014

art journaling

since my art background is art journaling, i have often been asked the question, "what is art journaling?" glad you asked - here is my personal answer and explanation of what it is and why i became an art journalist.  

art journaling is simply expressing your thoughts through the medium of  words and art. 

the reason i got into art journaling was and is a little more complex.  i had always kept diaries and journals.  the diaries i kept as a child were mainly silly stories about school girl crushes. my adult journals, on the other hand, were a different matter - they discussed real life, real feelings, real stories.  when i turned 49, i realized i didn't want to leave my grown-up journals for anyone to read.   my life, after all, had the good, the bad and the ugly all wrapped up together in a neat package known as donna dugone.  

i unfortunately destroyed those diaries and journals because soon after their destruction, i picked up a book at Barnes and Noble about art journaling.  i was so excited because while reading the book, i came to the realization that i could keep all the journaling about my life's journey, but gesso and paint over the journaling i didn't want anyone else to read.  reading about art journaling that day was a day of freedom for me. although at that time i didn't know anything about being an artist of any kind, i determined to learn all i could about art journaling.  

art journaling has been a great journey for me 
"Learn to Live"
art journaling - published

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